Divorce-Proof Your Marriage (2)

As I mentioned in the previous post, no one stands before the preacher on their wedding day and says, “I wonder how we can get a divorce?” But as time rolls along, the shine wears off of that glorious wedding day, the demands, conflicts, pressures and distractions of life crowd in, and husbands and wives … Continue reading Divorce-Proof Your Marriage (2)


One of the greatest needs in our homes, churches, schools, sports teams, and nation today is DADS, . . . Delivered by the gospel. All of us dads were born spiritually dead, living under the control of Satan, self and the world and under God’s wrath (Ephesians 2:1-3). As much as we think as a … Continue reading DADS

Stir the Embers!

Has the fire of romance waned over the years? Have children or work or busy schedules come between you and your marriage relationship? Sometimes we are so prone to keep wishing for what we don’t have that we forget what we do have, and . . . sometimes what we long for is right in … Continue reading Stir the Embers!

Staying Power

44 years. 38 years. 48 years. These numbers represent folks who Denise and I had the joy of sharing in sweet fellowship this past Saturday and Sunday in two different locations. For 38 and 44 years, Seth and Linda, now retired, have labored for the Lord in the fields of Christian education. For 48 years, … Continue reading Staying Power

10 for 10

Over the past ten days, my wife and I have enjoyed many blessings of ministry of which here are ten. They are shared here for God’s glory and appreciation for His kindness to us in these days of such sin and sorrow! 1. Officiating and directing a wedding! Wow! How special to see two lives … Continue reading 10 for 10

I Married My Sister

No, I did not! But, marriages can seem like that. What does a marriage look like for a man if he treats his wife like a sister? Someone I am forced to get along with or I get in trouble. She’s just a “bud” in my life. Certainly can’t kiss her! Remember the old sports … Continue reading I Married My Sister

A Dark Room: My Heart & Abortion

Having held my lifeless stillborn daughter in my arms almost 35 years ago can bring a rising level of emotions to my heart when I consider the current scenario being played out in the SCOTUS Roe v. Wade “leak” and upcoming ruling. My heart. Yes, . . . that’s the key word in the previous … Continue reading A Dark Room: My Heart & Abortion

Overcoming Discouragement in Ministry #10

What occupies your mind each day? Social media? Tasks? Worry? Fears? The News? Video games? Stuff? Woes? Church members’ needs? Conflicts? How many thoughts do you think in a day? The results of a 2020 study (Heathline.com) suggested people typically have more than 6,000 thoughts per day. In the study, which involved 184 participants with … Continue reading Overcoming Discouragement in Ministry #10

Overcoming Discouragement in Ministry #9

Do you feel a sense of guilt when you take time to go on a date with you wife? Does guilt grab ahold of you if you are playing in the backyard with your children and a church member drives by? If that church member stops to say hello, does a feeling of guilt lead … Continue reading Overcoming Discouragement in Ministry #9