Monday’s Musings

Looking back over last week, the word that comes to mind is “memories.”

  • On Wednesday, I turned 55.   Conversation with Denise, her family and friends recounted memories of childhood escapades in the snow, various events with my in-laws such as attending southern gospel concerts, as well as remembering my Dad and his way of life.  I saw videos from 20-plus years ago which included my girls, drove through mountain roads that were traversed many, many times in days gone by, and reminisced about marriage and the joy of knowing Denise 35 of those 55 years.
  • The latter part of the week brought back memories of a year ago when my Mom passed on to Glory.  On Thursday, I recounted walking into the back bedroom and seeing her take her last breath as Denise and Whitney were by her side.  This weekend, I was reminded that our weather was the same as last year as we travelled through snow to Dahlonega, Georgia, for her graveside service.  How appropriate because Mom loved the snow so much!  She was as much a kid as anyone when it came to sledding and walking through the snow.
  • Watching Andrew and Alli every weekend, who come up from Greenville, SC, to minister at BCBC, reminds me of my engagement years with Denise.  Young love is so much fun.  Old love matures, but is doesn’t have to lose its fun!
  • Due to the weather, we had only one service on Sunday as we met at 2:00 p.m.  What a special time for us to observe communion and remember that Christ took the curse for our sins, and He took our place as our substitute.  Listening to the small groups reading the Matthew 27 passage before each part of the communion service and then sharing what spoke to them from that passage was a rich blessing.  It will be another good memory of ministry at BCBC.
  • Having the Ledford’s drop by for dinner today on their way back home to NC reminded me of the many young couples that put their feet under my parent’s table over the years.  Many of them are going on for the Lord serving in various ministries and jobs.  I am grateful for my parent’s example, especially my Dad’s love for hospitality!  “Aww, Ruth Ann, we’ll just order up a pizza!” J

When you reminisce, you find that life is hard, but God is good.  Life is fun, and God is faithful.  Life has its ups and downs, but God is immutable. Life comes in various sizes and ways, but God’s grace is sufficient. Thank You, Lord, for the ability to remember.  Remind me that even today I’m making more memories by your grace.

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