The Red Sea and Still Waters

The Red Sea

This year, I am using the Discipleship Journal’s Book-at-a-Time Reading Plan as a guide for reading through God’s Word.  Yesterday morning was a special feast as I read Exodus 12-14 and Psalm 23.  For me, two most familiar passages met together to refresh my soul and give me counsel.  As I read Exodus 14, it was like the very first time! So much to see, to consider, to think about, to put myself in their shoes!  Then I read Psalm 23, and it all came together.

1  The LORD was Israel’s Shepherd; they had all they needed.

2  He made them lie down in green pastures, not Egyptian soil.  He led them beside still waters as the Red Sea stood in rapt attention as the millions crossed.

3  He restored their fainting, troubled, complaining soul as He led them in the right path for His name’s sake that Pharaoh and the Egyptians would know He is God.

4  They walked through the valley of the shadow of death on dry ground and did not need to fear the approaching army of Pharaoh because their Shepherd was with them.  His rod would defend them from their enemy, His staff would control and comfort them along their way.

5  He most definitely prepared a table before them in the presence of their enemy and what a “banquet” it was!  He anointed their head with oil to empower them on their journey and remove their fears, irritation and conflict. Their cup most definitely overflowed with the abundance of God’s grace!  When they came to the other side, the abundance of their joy overflowed into praise and song!

6  Indeed, as Israel looked over their shoulder, they could see that goodness and mercy had pursued them all through that day and night, and they dwelled in the presence of their God, their Shepherd.

Today, take Psalm 23 and put your day into each verse and watch our Shepherd take you through the Red Sea beside still waters for His name’s sake.

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