40 Days of Prayer & Fasting: Day #2

40 Days for Web

Day #2: Focus on God – Behold His Beauty

Did you see the beauty of God’s power yesterday as you meditated on Psalm 29?  What display of His power in Psalm 29 stirred your heart?  Were you left in awe of Him? If we are to have revival today and in days to come, we must have a fresh view of the beauty of God! 

Yesterday while listening to the preaching of Paul David Tripp, God convicted me deeply of letting my hard heart, ministry and people dim my awe of God.  Folks, may I simply encourage you today to read Psalm 27 and do what David did (27:4)?  Consider this.  When David was faced with the awful actions of his wicked enemies (27:2), what was his response?  Where did he want to go?  What did he seek more than anything else?  That’s the point of this whole challenge for Day 2.

Read:  Psalm 27

Answer the following:

1  Record in your journal the beauty of God of seen today as you have read and meditated on Him.

2.  Has your view of God become dim? If so, what’s the cause?

3.  What do you need to confess and repent of to God as a result of not seeing Him in His beauty?

4.  Who will you tell today about the beauty of God?

Pray: Use Psalm 27 as a prayer guide to praise God for Who He is, as a prayer guide for your fellowship with Him and as a prayer guide for your petitions.

Meditate:  Put into a sentence what God has revealed to you about Himself that you can meditate on today.

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