40 Days of Prayer & Fasting: Day #11


Focus on Christ:  Commitment to Biblical Change

Yesterday, I was invited to attend a very profitable meeting at Summit Leadership in Johnson City, TN.  Mike Jackson, a local Christian businessman, made a statement that I want to share with you.  “When listening to a sermon or a presentation, instead of taking notes, write down commitments.”  I want to ask you to do that today.

1.  Make sure you are in a place where you can listen to Jesus talk to you through His Word.  Remove the distractions.

2.  Read John 15:1-27 and record in your journal, not so much notes from the chapter, but commitments that lead to biblical change in your life today.  Again, as the Word/Jesus reads you as you read it, what changes and plans of action need to be written in your journal?

Goal of 40 Days: Our goal, our heartbeat, our motivation, our joy for these 40 days is that God would so revive and change us that we would both pray and act as the people of God for the glory of God!

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