40 Days of Prayer & Fasting: Day #21


Do This In Remembrance of Me

One of the means that God has given us as believers to stay fresh in our relationship with Him and to keep our hearts right and true is The Lord’s Supper.  Today, we will gather as a church family in the morning service to partake in communion.  As we have set out to pray and fast that God would revive and change us for His glory, will you prepare your heart this morning before coming to church?

Here are some helps to guide you in your preparation to meet with the Lord today:

1.  Read 1 Corinthians 11:23-34 and let the Holy Spirit truly examine you.

2.  Sing through the songs in worship in your quiet place that we will be singing later on today:

  • Jesus, What a Friend (Our Great Savior)
  • All I Have Is Christ
  • When I Survey the Wondrous Cross
  • In Christ Alone

3.  Sit still and meditate on Christ, His work on the cross, and His resurrection from the tomb by reading Romans 5:1-11 that we will read as a congregation.

Having used the prompts from last weekend’s blogs to help you prepare for Sunday, I trust that you will come to church today to worship from the overflow!  Will you be able to say when you enter the doors because you have genuinely met with the Lord this morning, “I’ve just seen Jesus!”

Reminder:  Our goal for these 40 days of prayer and fasting is that God would so revive and change us that we would both pray and act as the people of God for the glory of God!

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