40 Days of Prayer & Fasting: Day #30

Revival Opposition

As we have seen in our recent study, Nehemiah faced opposition from without (Chapter 4) and from within (Chapter 5).  God had called Nehemiah to do a work for Him and for His glory!  Whenever you move forward for God, expect opposition to come!

The saddest kind of opposition is that which comes from within.  How could anyone oppose the work of God?  I have.  How often He has spoken to me about witnessing to someone, bearing someone else’s burden, stepping out in faith, facing the conflict, etc., and I have argued, refused, and rejected to do what He had nudged me to do.  As a result, I miss out on seeing what God planned and missed out on the blessing of giving Him praise.

In another context, Sunday morning a dear saint of God went out the door after the service and remarked about how God had spoken to them.  They said, “I just wanted to raise my hand and praise the Lord, but nobody else around me was, and I was afraid.”  Yes, we should not let the fear of man be a snare to us (Proverbs 29:25) in worship, but we do.  But, what comes to my mind in that scenario is, would the way I live my life, the way I worship be such that I am in opposition to my brother or sister in Christ?  Am I hindering the work of God?

When God is at work and moving forward, I must not oppose it.  I must join Him in His work regardless of what man may think or how I feel.  Satan is always opposing us, the flesh is unprofitable, and the world needs to see genuine Christianity that brings glory to God!

This morning, as we are seeking the Lord in prayer and fasting for Him to do His work so we can give Him praise, ask yourself, “Am I any way opposing the work of God?”

Reminder:  Our goal for these 40 days of prayer and fasting is that God would so revive and change us that we would both pray and act as the people of God for the glory of God!

Passage to Read:  Ephesians 6:11-24

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