They’re Everywhere

Yesterday after the service, we did something that I am grateful does not happen very often.  Since Andrew and Allison wanted us to look at an apartment with them, we ate our Sunday dinner at a restaurant.  We usually eat at home which is our preference. Nevertheless, on this Sunday, I’m so glad we ate out.  There they were, everywhere . . . people.  One that stood out in the crowd was our server.  She had a most pleasant personality and a ready, “ . . . and I’m here to take really good care of you.”  And that she did.

When our meal arrived, I said to our server, “All of this has come from the good hand of the Lord and we are going to thank Him for it by prayer.  How can I pray for you?”  After a moment of silence and tears starting to well up in her eyes, she said, “I’ve made some bad decisions and messed up. . . I need prayer.”

Yes, you see, they are everywhere; people.  People who are hurting.  People who need the Lord.  People who need someone to listen to them.  People who are so empty.  They come in every form and fashion.  They come with baggage from their past.  They have broken hearts, broken homes and broken lives.  They are everywhere.

As we were so vividly reminded last week in our revival meetings, people bring people to Christ; people point people to Christ.  Who’s serving you at the restaurant?  Who’s scanning your groceries? Who’s standing in line with you at the checkout?  Who’s taking your payment for your gasoline?  Who’s next door?  Who’s sitting next to you at the ball game?  People.  They are everywhere.

This dear server listened as we shared Jesus with her.  She acknowledged that she was a true believer, but had run away from the Lord.  The tears continued.  We left her with a tract, a word of encouragement and the offer to reach out to us in the future.

Yes, they are everywhere.  Who’s standing next to you right now?  Who will cross your path today?

But when He saw the multitudes, He was moved with compassion on them, because they fainted, and were scattered abroad, as sheep having no shepherd.  Then saith He unto His disciples, “The harvest truly is plenteous” (Matthew 9:36-37a).

2 thoughts on “They’re Everywhere

  1. I prayed for her this morning. Pray for me that I would have the courage and boldness to witness to people like I should. I have the problem of fear and I know that God is not the author of fear. Pray that satan will not continue to have victory over this. Thank you Pastor. Hope you are feeling better praying for you.

  2. That is so true…people need the Lord…had an opportunity yesterday to share with someone….it is very intimidating…we should be bold but we feel so inadequate….thanks for sharing Pastor C

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