The Living Word

Last Sunday, what a powerful time we experienced in the presence of God as the whole congregation of BCBC read out loud Psalms 145:1 – 150:6.  As a result, the Word prompted genuine worship, confession, and praise from God’s people.  It had to be somewhat like what is described in Nehemiah 8.  This morning, I want you to watch this video of Pastor David Platt reciting from memory Romans 1-8.  Please note how the Word has gripped his heart as well as the response of the audience.

May I challenge you to really read the Word today?  Perhaps read a lengthy passage out loud and let its truths ring back into your ears and into your heart!  Worship the Lord in reading as He speaks to you.  Sing songs to Him!  Let the living Word impact you for your good and His glory!!

David Platt Romans 1-8  –  Watch the video from about 29:10 to 51:55

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