Discipleship in Action


On Monday, April 7, 2014, three people in the same car were involved in two auto accidents at 5:30 a.m. while driving north on Interstate 81 near Morristown, TN.  According to the Tennessee Highway Patrol, their vehicle stalled due to the first accident and was sitting crossways in the northbound lane.  A tanker truck then slammed into the vehicle on the driver’s side. Two were killed and one was severely injured.  The lone survivor, Omar (24 years old), was transported to one of our local hospitals.

We have a dear Hispanic couple that attends our church, and they raise chickens to sell along with their eggs.  While making a delivery to a local Amish store, they saw a sign requesting help for Omar, the lone survivor.  Concepcion said to her husband Daniel, “We must go see him!  He needs someone who can speak Spanish to him.”  That afternoon they made their initial visit. The room was full of people, but they had the opportunity to share the gospel.  Due to Omar facial injuries, he is not able to eat but certain foods.  For the past several days, Concepcion has been taking him chicken soup and feeding him, showing the love of Christ. Monday of this week, Daniel had the opportunity to lead Omar to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ!!  Not only that, but they have had further opportunities to share Christ with Omar’s friends.  As they continue to visit Omar, they have been teaching him to observe all that I have commanded you (Matthew 28:20).  This, my friend, is true discipleship in action!

This couple has not stopped with Omar.  Having made a recent purchase of a new car, they have invited their salesman to their home for a meal to begin The Exchange Four-Week Bible Study.  The goal is to present the gospel and share Jesus without fear!  That is true discipleship in action!

Has the Lord brought an “Omar” across your path this week?  Who needs you to bring them “a bowl of chicken soup”?  Who lives next door to you?  Have you ever had them to your home for a meal?  What about that salesman that you do business with on a frequent business?  Have you ever confronted him with the claims of Christ?  Who in your family needs to hear your testimony?

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