All of Us Ministering Together For the Gospel

Today is an exciting day for me as a pastor, father-in-law, and mentor!  This past Sunday, our church voted 98% to bring on my new son-in-law as our youth leader, and they start tonight!  Denise and I raised our daughters to leave home and serve the Lord.  We never expected that either one of them would serve alongside us in the same ministry at the same time.  Our prayer has been that by the time they were married, the Lord would give them clear direction as to where they were to serve. God in His mercy and grace has answered our heart’s cry.  How grateful I am for this opportunity.  More than anything, I am looking forward to seeing Andrew’s heart for the lost and for teens being fleshed out on a daily basis.  Then added to that scene will be Alli with her God-given music ability and her love for the teen girls matched up with her new husband to serve our awesome God!

Please join me in prayer for Andrew and Alli as they adjust to marriage and ministry.  May I encourage you to cheer them on and encourage them in these new adventures?  Get to know them.  Invite them to your home for fellowship.  Stop them at church and have prayer with them. We are all “under-rowers” in the ministry for Christ and the gospel.  Let’s team up, disciple, and make a difference for God’s glory!!  A tweet I read yesterday puts it all in perspective, “We may have a part to play in God’s grand story, but the play is not about us.”

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