Who Sat Near You Last Night?

When you came to Wednesday Evening Prayer Meeting, who was seated around you?  Was it a visitor from out of the country steeped in Orthodox religion that had never been in a Baptist church before?  Was it one of the missionaries that your church supports?  Was it a new family looking for a home church?  Was it a family that was worshipping with you for the final time before they move out of town? Was it a heavy-burdened individual with extreme home issues?   Was it a man who is continuing to move forward in spite of a recent divorce? Was it a dear one who is being challenged at their workplace for their faith?  Was it a mother who had a rough day parenting?

How did you minister to that person?  I know it is so easy, after a hard day, to want to just come in and be ministered to.  May I encourage you to look to the One Who came to minister, not to be ministered unto (Mark 10:45), to enable you to really see the folks around you?  Christ will help you be able to have discernment, courage and strength to come alongside them and pray with them, minister to their needs, and bear the image of the gospel in their lives.  Christ will help you show them that He is the Anchor of Hope they really need (Hebrews 4:14-16; 6:18-20).  What a privilege; what a delight!!

Upon entering into the ministry of someone else’s need, you soon forget how tired you were.  You will leave church refreshed and grateful. So, who sat near you last night?

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