The Power of the Cross

Yesterday, we saw God work in so many ways throughout our Sunday at church, at home, and in our church’s neighborhood!  The greatest event of the day was a lost soul walking the aisle to receive Christ as her Savior.  The invitation was given prior to observing The Lord’s Supper.  While this dear lady was being shown the gospel from the Word of God and receiving Christ as her personal Savior in a side room of our auditorium, the congregation began to partake of the bread and sing “The Power of the Cross.”  To be singing these words and knowing a soul was being set free from sin, death, and hell by the wonderful work of Christ was a glorious moment indeed!!

So, to begin your Monday, listen to this song and consider the words.  Rejoice in the Lord and share with someone today who has never heard about our wonderful Savior!!  And when you do, make sure your countenance reflects the joy in your heart just as these students are doing.

The Power of the Cross

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