Making Your Marriage an All-Time Event

My wife and I have often said to others and reminded ourselves, “Marriage takes work everyday.”  Yes it does.  One of the things that we have tried to do over the years is make the ordinary an event.  Here’s what I mean.
A trip the grocery store:  Don’t just go to the store together to buy groceries and see how quick you can get it done.  Shop together like you are on a date.  In the early years, Denise and I would go grocery shopping at midnight.  We had fun! If an old love song comes over the intercom that takes you back in time, stop, look at each other and give a wink, share a kiss, or even a little dance on Aisle 8 in front of the Ritz Crackers!  Use grocery items to share a love thought just between you!  Laugh.  Hold hands.  Let the world know you are a happy, joyful married couple that loves the Lord!  Don’t be a bore on aisle four!  Make it an event!
Supper time:  Eat at home and not around the bar counter.  Turn off the TV, internet, and smartphones.  Play some romantic music.  Light a candle or two.  Use cloth napkins. When you are finished, play a game, read Scripture, and/or pray together.  Don’t be in a hurry.  If you have children, still do all the above.  They need to learn from you what a good marriage is all about.  Make it an event that your children will want to attend  when they are married!
Bring her flowers:  Don’t just bring her a dozen flowers and hand them to her like a set of car keys.  Go to the front door.  Ring the bell.  When she comes to the door, deliver them to her!  Add some pizazz to it!  Enjoy the moment!  Hugs, kisses, endearing looks into her eyes are good, . . . real good!!  See, you’ve just made it an event!
So, when it comes to the ordinary things of marriage, don’t just have a dry peanut butter sandwich; put some jam on it!! Work at it! Make it an event!

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