To the People in the Pew: Impossible Prayer

But Jesus looked at them and said to them, “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26).

Last night we began “Impossible Prayer Meeting” that will be a part of each Sunday night’s service.  Cards were distributed for our folks to write down four situations/needs that seem impossible to them.  Then we gathered into small groups for prayer.  Each one shared their card with another person in the group, and those “impossible” requests were brought before the Lord.  How exciting it will be to see how God answers the cries of His people.  Our goal is not to look so much at His hand to see what He does as it will be to seek His face; then we won’t miss His hand!  Times of rejoicing, worship and praise are ahead!!

When Christ ascended into heaven all He left behind was a prayer meeting. The early Church didn’t have a prayer meeting; the early Church was the prayer meeting. In fact, in the early Church every Christian was a prayer-meeting Christian. (Armin Gesswein)

The simple fact is, we are too vague and, as a consequence, too indifferent in our prayers and prayer meetings. We do not seem like people asking for what they want, and waiting for what they ask. This is what destroys our prayer meetings, rendering them pithless, pointless, powerless; turning them into teaching or talking meetings, rather than deep-toned, earnest prayer meetings. (CHM)

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