Marriage Matters: Building or Maintaining


Since my son-in-law was with me in Nashville Monday and Tuesday, our daughter decided to “camp-out” with her mother.  For entertainment, they took a video tour of the past thirty years of life in the Cunningham family.  I received a picture text of me when I was in my 30’s from my wife, and they were making fun of it!!!  Have mercy!  I understand. Oh, the changes that come with age.  Suffice it to say, when it comes to the covering on my head, it’s “hair today and gone tomorrow” for sure!

Denise and I have been married for 33 ½ years.  Much has changed for both of us through those years.  Bless her heart, she really didn’t know what she was getting into when she said, “Yes,” and “I do.”  Change is inevitable. Life happens.  So, how do you keep your marriage fresh through all the changes?  How can you still love to be with each other even after all the children are gone?  How can you laugh with and at each other in a good natured way?  The answer is, build your marriage every day and don’t live in a maintenance mode.  In other words, what have you added to your marriage to keep it fresh, new, rewarding and adventurous rather than just existing like you were living in the same old house with the same old carpet and the same old curtains with the same old moth balls?

  1. Pray together often and keep short accounts of sin!
  2. Kiss and hold hands every day!
  3. Live today as if it were your last day together here on earth!
  4. Do something fun together; get out of that rut! Act like you are dating again . . . because you are!
  5. Eat your supper together by putting a small table in front of the fireplace and be romantic!
  6. Read good books about marriage, such as Love and Respect by Emerson Eggerich
  7. Learn to laugh again, at yourself!!!
  8. Go to bed at the same time (unless your work schedule interferes)!

These are just some simple thoughts, but as you age, there’s enough “going south” in our bodies to create issues.  At least stay away from your marriage falling into the boring maintenance mode.  Continue, by the grace of God, to build, create, develop a marriage that will last beyond the receding hairline!!

(The pic on the left is from my senior year in high school and the one on the right is something we have done for years and continue to do for a good laugh in the car!)

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