Friday’s Findings

What have I found?  Well, I found yesterday that God answered so many wonderful pleas and requests in prayer!  Big and little requests.  Quick and longtime requested. Am I surprised?  No.  God hears our cries (Psalms 18:6; 116:1-6) and answers our prayers (Matthew 7:7).  God likes to surprise us, too (Jeremiah 33:3)!!  Oh what rejoicing filled our hearts throughout the day as my wife and I saw God at work in His grace and mercy in response to our heart cries early yesterday morning!

Followers of Christ, you and I must see our desperateness every day!  There is not a moment we do not need God!  Run to Him today; trust Him; rest in Him; meditate upon Him; and most of all, pour out your heart to Him sometime today!

When you find His answers, rejoice, be grateful, sing, share, and keep going to the Throne!  There you find grace (Hebrews 4:14-16).  There you find what makes every answer to prayer so glorious—you find Christ, your Redeemer, Advocate, and Friend!  What a find!!

“Nothing is well done without prayer for the simple reason that it leaves God out of the account.” ― E.M. Bounds, Weapon of Prayer

Give a listen: There Must Be a Greater Yes

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