A Christmas Confession


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First of all, this is not Denise posting. This is her husband, writing to the men today.

I have a confession to make—-I hate putting up the Christmas tree!!  Just keepin’ it real, folks!! 🙂  Seriously, over the years,  the rigors of getting the tree ready for this festive season has been an adventure to say the least.

In the first place, I think an artificial tree is sacrilegious.  As a boy, we always had a real tree, and when our girls were home, we honored the purist tradition of having a live tree.  In spite of my purist leanings, going after a tree, cutting it to fit in the tree stand and then getting it to stay upright always presented its own set of bah humbugs.

There was the time I forgot to keep it wrapped after purchasing it from the tree farm.  Getting it through the door…

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