Day 9: Burdens

4 Moores in a Van

Today has been hard for me. Jon isn’t feeling well today, and it has been the busiest day for Ellie since her surgery last week. We had a lumbar puncture and two different chemos on the chart for today. (Some people consider her steroids chemo and others don’t. She will receive the steroids twice a day for the first 27 days [we are on day 8 of treatment]. The chemo I’m talking about is on top of those steroids). Ellie is starting to get the sick “red-eye” look of someone battling something serious. I have chosen to be thankful for every moment with her, but I do know that this is going to start getting hard soon as we see the chemo begin to take it’s toll on her little body. God formed Ellie in my womb and He formed her knowing exactly what she was going to face. My heart…

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One thought on “Day 9: Burdens

  1. Wow, Dale. That is rough. I’m praying for them. Are they in your church?

    If you have an address, and if you think they would appreciate it, I’d love to send them my books. AB


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