Day 14: Stewardship

4 Moores in a Van

IMG_5213 This is typical. Two bags of chips, fruit loops, and any other food that may be in sight on Ellie’s bed for consumption. All. At. Once.

I mentioned a couple days ago that one of our oncologists brought us a copy of John Piper’s booklet Don’t Waste Your Cancer. If I could, I would just put the entire booklet up for you to read, but I don’t think any publisher would be happy about that, so I’ll just share with you a few things that spoke directly to Jon and I in this. Obviously, the cancer isn’t Jon’s or mine, and while we don’t feel the actual pain of cancer or treatments like Ellie does, we do feel the emotional pain of Ellie’s diagnosis and the responsibility to handle this situation in a way that we hope will allow God’s glory to shine through. We want to be good stewards of…

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