Day 19: Clarity

4 Moores in a Van

IMG_5265 This was actually during Ellie’s chemo infusion today. They both slept through most of it!

The past few days have felt confusing (and a bit frustrating) as we hear one thing and then research to find another thing to be true. Or we are told something will happen at a certain time, and then it is either moved back or just done late. Clear communication feels so important at this point, but it doesn’t always happen.

I’m thankful that when I am frustrated by confusion, God is not. God already knows the outcome of Ellie’s leukemia. And I get to trust Him…not the medicines, not the communication, not the system.

God is powerful. The Bible is full of that reminder. He created the entire world. He rescued His people by parting a giant sea so they could escape across dry ground…and then He killed their enemies behind them. He toppled…

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