Day 21: Sweet

4 Moores in a Van

I’ve heard rumors of a cinnamon roll in Texas that weighs 5 pounds. While Jon wanted to add a stop on our epic road trip of America, I personally think that’s just too much sweetness to be enjoyable. Though sugary sweetness can sometimes be too much to handle, it’s rare that you wish for less sweetness in life. We are learning that you appreciate the sweet times much more when you experience the not-so-sweet times.

We feel like this is a good correlation to the Gospel. When you begin to realize how sinful you really are, God’s gift of salvation becomes sweeter. When you think about all the torment that Christ went through, His willingness to do the will of His Father becomes more precious. God sent His Son so that He could offer us eternal life and redeem us from our sin. There was nothing in us that was desirable…

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