Day 25: All-Powerful

4 Moores in a Van

If God wasn’t all-powerful, we might have reason to question His ability to do what we request of Him. If He wasn’t all-powerful, we couldn’t be certain that His will was actually what has happened to Ellie. We can look at stories throughout the Bible from Creation to the Return of Christ that tell of God’s power. Because He is all-powerful, Jon and I can rest during this time of turmoil.

We are excited to look back on this time and tell Ellie and Brooklynn stories of God’s power. We don’t know what the bills will look like from our stay in Tennessee, but we are truly happy to be able to see Him meet our needs in unexpected ways.

As we work with college-age individuals regularly, we know that finances are a big need that is on most of their minds (and the minds of their parents). Jon…

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