My Secret Place

Great, practical words from my precious wife.


closet 2

I have a special space in my house that I claimed before we moved in – it’s a walk-in closet off my bathroom.  I’ve never had anything but a tiny space for my clothes, and while it’s a blessing to have a place to hang both warm and cool season clothes in one place, the best part of this little room is what I do in here each morning.  I pray.

It’s the perfect spot to close off the world.  I can’t hear anything going on in the rest of the house when I’m in there.  I have a(n uncomfortable) little stool that I perch on, or sometimes I just kneel on the carpet as I pour my heart out to God.  This room is special to me because I meet with God here.

Closet 4

I’ve recently watched War Room again and one line in the film jumped out at me.  The…

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