Day 37 & 38: Bittersweet

4 Moores in a Van

Posted on Day 38

February 03, 2016 at 0153PMBittersweet
We had such a wonderful day of travel. The Lord protected us. When we arrived at our first gate, the flight was already boarding. (We arrived in plenty of time to get through security, but bathroom stops and diaper fiascos added up.) We had been approved to pre-board, so we actually got to cut in line and rush onto the plane. There were still rows of seats together toward the middle of the plane, and when we got to a row we wanted, I mentioned to the flight attendant that Ellie had leukemia. She told Jon to move to the row behind and held both rows for us to help build a bubble around Ellie. The flight attendants were so kind to us during the entire flight, and Ellie only fussed a couple times. Brooklynn kept opening the window and saying, “Wooooohooooooo! This is fun!”…

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