Day 42: Best

4 Moores in a Van

February 08, 2016 at 1028AM
We got some surprising (to us) news today. We met our new oncologist since they rotate weekly starting on Mondays. He is the one who our oncologists in Tennessee talked with before we came back. I enjoyed meeting him today.

He told us we could go home if we wanted. He explained to us that Pseudomonas is the most serious gram-negative infection that Ellie could get. They take it very seriously. When a child is neutropenic (not capable of fighting diseases), they have a strict standard of care for Pseudomonas which involves dual IV antibiotics. This is what Ellie is currently receiving. He went on to explain that when a child is non-neutropenic, there isn’t a strict standard of care – the care can vary. He said Ellie could stop the IV antibiotics and we could go home with an oral antibiotic. When we asked him what would be…

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