Days 76-82: Dictate

4 Moores in a Van

Have you ever found yourself in the position where you’re telling God what you’re willing to do if He will do what it is you want? We all know that’s not how God works. But sometimes we still try to bargain with Him. I can’t say that I’ve personally done that during this trial, but I have found myself seeking ways to please God more…and if I’m honest, my intention is not just to please Him, but to make Him so happy with me that He’ll just heal Ellie. I can only speak for myself, but most of humanity evidences selfishness. It’s really easy to be nice to someone when you’re hoping they’ll do something for you. My selfishness just shines through when I feel like I’ve gone out of my way to be nice to someone and then they aren’t willing to do a favor for me or…

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