Days 97-102: No

An update on precious Ellie as well as some excellent truths about prayer.

4 Moores in a Van

The news we received on April 5 was not the answer of remission we were hoping to hear. I put a quick update on Facebook that day, but this post will include a lot more details about what that means for our family and specifically for Ellie.

Before I get to all of that, I wanted to share another email our pastor sent us the day after we received this news. It was an encouragement to both Jon and I as we have both struggled with God’s answer of “No.”

God’s answer this week has undoubtedly left you processing a lot of thoughts about prayer. Those thoughts may have even revealed some deep and almost scary theological questions. I have personally experienced great seasons of prayer only to have God seem to completely ignore my requests and give an answer that was totally different. I was spiritually shaken (and shocked) to…

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