Days 103-109: Eternal

4 Moores in a Van

Jon and I both know that we have learned a lot in the last 109 days. We have grown together as family, we have grown closer as a couple, we have grown closer to God. We are learning things every day, and most of the time, those things are related to Ellie’s leukemia somehow.

It’s weird to think that you can truly be thankful for something so devastating for your child. If I could take all of Ellie’s leukemia and transfer it to my body, I would. But that surely wouldn’t teach our family the lessons we are needing to learn right now. I’ve said it before, but God has faced me with one of my greatest fears in this battle, and while I don’t believe my battle with trusting God will be over once this is, I do believe my trust will be more firmly rooted and grounded in…

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