Right in the Middle of It All


There he sat.  Just where he’s been for 60 years.  Right in the middle of ministry at Boones Creek Bible Church.  At the age of 90, Rod’s health has really gone downhill in the past year or so, but his heart for the Lord and ministry has not waned a bit.
We are currently involved in a major remodeling project at our church.  The work began in earnest Sunday night, May 15, when all the restrooms were completely gutted including the flooring. During this past week, willing workers have come to help in this much-needed renovation.  Saturday was an official “work day” at church.  As I came upstairs from the gym into the church foyer, there, shuffling through the front door, was Rod.  He couldn’t stand it any longer to stay home and wonder about what was happening at his beloved church.  Since he can’t drive, he had his son to bring him.
Rod is a part of a dying breed of believers from past generations that viewed serving God in a totally different way.  I’ve been here as pastor for over fifteen years and this is some of what I’ve seen:
*  He is always in the foyer looking for visitors, even to this day.  In past days, they were looking for young college age singles or married couples to take home and serve them a country Sunday dinner.  Rod and Hope’s home was a place of hospitality, homemade bread, and fried chicken!
*  No matter the event, they are there.  I still have pictured in mind the Sunday night we stuffed 15,000 Bible story CDs to be shipped to Brazil.  Since age has caused Rod and Hope’s fingers to not be so nimble, this was an impossible task.  Did they just stay home?  No.  They sat in chairs parked in the middle of the gym and reveled in the joy seeing the gospel being prepared for needy hearts.  They sat positioned as our cheerleaders.  Again, in recent months, their attendance has dropped off a bit due to their health.
*  How often I have seen a tear run down his cheek; a tear of joy when a soul was saved or when folks joined the church or when He saw God do some other amazing work.
*  Rod doesn’t say much, but that twinkle in his eyes says tons!
*  One morning, the donuts came up short for our fellowship time between Sunday School and the morning church service.  For the next several Sundays, he made sure the supply was sufficient by his own contribution of Krispy Kreme’s.
*  How often he has given candy to the kids, and not just any candy, but Russell Stover candy.

Sunday morning he arrived early for church.  Once again, he shuffled into the partially completed foyer restrooms, looked around, and said, “Looks good!”  Even at 90, Rod cares about the work of God, and he wants to be right in the middle of it as best as possible.  How I wish “his tribe” would increase; a people right in the middle of serving God and making much of Christ!
I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the LORD (Psalm 122:1).

3 thoughts on “Right in the Middle of It All

  1. This picture and story just brings tears to my eyes because I have watched him so Faithfully serve at our church. I often wonder, “who will take his place?” I’m not sure anyone ever could! There will be others who will be faithful but will they be as faithful as he has been? Maybe I just need to step up and make it me!

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