Are You Desperate?


How easy it is to complain, to worry, to fret, to try to fix things by human means, to gripe, to get angry, to fuss, to be lazy, to be indifferent and/or to be of various other attitudes and actions when it comes to the sad situation of our world, the status of many churches, and the general decline of morality in America.  Yesterday’s Supreme Court 5-3 decision to strike down a Texas law regulating abortion clinics was just another example of the continual moral demise of our nation.  So, do we continue to take the easy response as mentioned above?  May I suggest the need and remedy . . . compassionate, heart-felt, crying-out, biblical, desperate prayer!

I hear folks complaining, talking, and postulating all the time.  I do not see many people praying.  I don’t hear folks saying, “Let’s stop wasting our energy on fleshly responses and going through the motions.  Can we have a meeting of desperate prayer?  I’ll host a desperate praying meeting at my home.  Can we meet an hour early before the services and have a desperate prayer session?” How much does the church pray today?  Are we really desperate for the Lord to intervene, to save souls, to bring revival to our land, to our churches?   Evangelist James A. Stewart said, I have discovered in my own revival ministry that God only answers the prayers of the saints who are desperate. There has never been a true awakening anywhere on earth until there was a desperate Church.

Recently, I have seen God answer in the salvation of souls, bring about change in sinful situations, and provide in unexpected ways . . . all as a result of heart-felt, crying-out, biblical, desperate prayer!  It is the prayers of single believers desperately seeking God’s face.  It is the prayers of groups of believers meeting on a regular basis desperately seeking God’s face!  The commonality; they are desperate!

Spend some time reading Psalms 140-143 and note David’s desperate pleas in prayer and his praise.  As you turn your desperate pleas toward God and recognize His attributes, His names, and His character, your pleas will be mixed with praise!  Your heart for God will be enlarged.  Your faith will increase.  Your hands will be lifted up in praise.  Your lips will declare His glory. You will see souls being saved!  You will see revival! You will see how desperate you really are for God and how He longs to see you utterly dependent upon Him!

Our sufficiency is a God. Difficulties melt in His presence.  In Him are those mighty, overcoming energies, which accomplish the possible and the impossible with equal readiness. . . . The real resources are with Him for the evangelizing and the redeeming of the world. But He has not been able to do many mighty works in the non-Christian lands because of our unbelief as a Church. We have not possessed our possessions. God has been waiting to be honored by the faith of a generation that would call upon Him for really large outpourings of His power. (J. Lovell Murray)

Oh, God, please make us desperate!

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