I Left the Theatre


You attend to the theatre to view the latest, greatest, “gotta-see-it” film.  You’ve bought your ticket, a big tub of popcorn and a 32 oz. Coke, and have settled into your seat.  Are you comfortable now?

15-20 minutes after the show begins, you abruptly stand up, leave your popcorn and Coke, and head for the exit!  In the not-too-distance future, your spouse comes out to check on you. She approaches you with her inquisitive face and asks, “Why did you leave?”

“Well, my brain can only retain 10-20% of what I hear, so I figured, why stick around?”

Have you ever done that?  When’s the last time you left a football game, a concert, and/or a play because your mind would only retain a small percentage of what you heard or saw?  Truth is, 9.5 times out of 10, you arrive early and stay late for an event.

You know why?  Because you love it!

Let me tell you, tailgating, whooping it up and hollering at your favorite football game is just over-the-top fun!!

Hard to beat a good concert, too!  And I want the best seats, up close! I want to be where the action is! Love it!

Now, you want to know when I’ve heard the 10-20% brain capacity excuse?  It is always in reference to the length of a Sunday service, and especially the sermon.

So what’s the deal?  I’ll just put it bluntly . . . you get your “worship on” more with what entertains you than Who loves you and gave His life for you.  And that entertainment might even be a Christian concert. . . and the music is loud, too.

The Church is Christ, and Christ is the Church (1 Corinthians 12:27). If you are a true, born again believer, then you are a part of the body of Christ, the Church.  Everything about Church should excite you and call you be enthralled with its Head (Ephesians 5:18-32; Colossians 1:18).

Sadly, too many believers view the church they attend by seeing people’s faces instead seeing the face of Christ.  Hence, because the people who attend your church are imperfect sinners who disappoint, discourage, criticize, and fail, the church does not live up to your liking.

How about going to church this Sunday to enjoy Christ alone?  When the song service and/or sermon goes too long, beyond your 10-20% mental capacity, just let your heart take over (Matthew 22:37) and enjoy being in the presence of God, His Son, and the work of God that you cannot see through all the facets of a Sunday service! You will be surprised at what you remembered because your worship was in spirit and in truth (John 4:24).

By the way, how about coming back in for the rest of the film?

2 thoughts on “I Left the Theatre

  1. Very well said that is something we all should do. Pastor there is so much truth in those words that we all need to study and walk the right steps amen.

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