How You Doing?


As a pastor, as well as for our church congregation, yesterday was a very different day. But then again, it has been a very different two plus weeks!

We were travelling along, for the most part, doing just fine. Our economy was on an upswing. Students were preparing for their final semester and graduation. Many of us were already in the countdown mode for our beach vacation.

Restaurants were booming. Retail stores seemed to be profiting. And, we were going to church . . . just like we always do.

Have you heard the screeching of the brakes? Basically, life has been put on hold. So much of what we would consider the ingredients of life has been removed from us, closed down, quarantined, or reduced.

May I ask, “How are you doing?” We are going into week two of the various levels of virus response in our area. Yesterday, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee enacted an executive order for statewide closures due to COVID-19. Again, may I ask, “How you doing?”

Are you missing your “normal” life? No sports, no Friday night restaurant trips, no TJMaxx, and no Sunday gatherings. (It seemed so strange to walk into the waiting area of my eye doctor last week to find only three chairs located a 100 miles from each other!!!)

Bottom line is, we have been really good at cramming our 24 hours-a-day with the stuff of life. I am not minimizing the severe threat of the coronavirus, but I must say that it has also caused many of our idols to come crashing down in front of us. So very much of our life has been characterized by being “crazy busy” with a truck-load of temporal things.

Friends, life is not found in the abundance of things or activities or recreation or even people. Everything and everyone around us, as far as this time on earth is concerned, is temporal. We can do all within our power to keep things propped up, running smooth, and filling our lives with what we think really satisfies. All it takes is for a virus or a tornado or some other tragedy to wipe it all out; to remove it from our grasp.

Here’s the true bottom line: Who is Jesus to you? Life is not things. Life is a Person (John 14:6). The Lord Jesus Christ came to save you from your greatest crisis which is your total inability to save yourself from an eternity in hell (John 3:16-18; Ephesians 2:1-10). But He did more than that. He came to give you Himself, the only way back into a right relationship with God and the assurance of an eternity in Heaven. For more information, click on this link and watch the four YouTube videos:

Indeed, God has abundantly, mercifully and graciously given us so much to enjoy here on earth, but if they were all taken away from us, would Jesus be enough? When things get back to “normal,” remember the only true normal is Jesus Christ, first in all things (Matthew 6:24-33; Colossians 1:15-18; 1 Corinthians 10:31). Christ is the issue in all of life!

How you doing? Would you pray for me, too, that I’ll keep my eyes and heart fixed on Christ?

4 thoughts on “How You Doing?

  1. Dear Pastor Cunningham,
    Nancy and I appreciated your message Sunday. We don’t know just what our Lord is doing, but we do know He is in control and it will culminate in His return for those of us who have claimed Him as our Savior… Even so, come, Lord Jesus.

    1. Praise the Lord!! Thank you for your words of encouragement!! Indeed, we can trust Him with our lives!! And, maybe today!!! Love y’all!! Hello to Nancy!!

  2. Thank you Pastor Cunningham. You message Sunday was a blessing. I felt your heart for your people. Thank you for sharing your services. My husband and I closed our church a month ago due to the area and past history of the church being not the greatest when my husband took it. We are without a home church at the time but are praying for other Pastors at this time. There’s nothing like serving the Lord and being in Christian ministry. May the Lord bless you and your sweet wife. We LOVE yalls ministries that we can log onto. Keeping our eyes on our precious Lord!!!

    1. Hey Dianna! Thank you so much for your encouraging note! I am so sorry to hear about the church closer. In spite of it, I am so very grateful for your intercession our behalf as well as others. In that regard, consider for the time being that you are a part of our church home! Indeed, you are right; there’s nothing like serving the King of kings and Lord of lords!! Keep your eyes on the goal!!

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