Vacation Trip Tip

When does your vacation begin?

When does your vacation end?

Usually the answer is, “When we arrive and leave our vacation destination.” I’ve often said in reference to our trips to Hilton Head Island, “The best view in my windshield is the bridge onto the island and the saddest view is the bridge in rearview mirror.”

Ever since our girls were at home, we set out to begin our vacation from the moment we left home until we arrived back at our door.

Recently, my wife and I enjoyed a week away in North Myrtle Beach. Most folks who travel that direction from East Tennessee take the interstate to Columbia and Florence. That can add much stress to your drive and vacation.

Because we like to take the scenic route and fulfill the vacation objective, we made a breakfast stop before we even left town. When visiting this area, you must stop at Croissants Bistro & Bakery, 8014 N Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach!!! We ate there the day before and had to return even though it was a short bit out of our way. The turnovers, chocolate croissants, lattes, etc. are fabulous! The ambiance of the restaurant is a draw as well!

After leaving Croissants and picking up a large cup of “travelin'” Dunkin Donuts coffee, we rode from North Myrtle Beach on two-lane backroads to the North Carolina line. We drove through the little towns of Green Sea, Nichols, and Lake View, to name a few.

Once we crossed over the SC/NC state line, we meandered through Laurenburg to Rockingham. On the corner of West Broad Avenue and Route 220 you will find The Taco Factory. Having outdoor seating, it makes for a great place to get out of the car and enjoy the sunshine!

Seven miles north of The Taco Factory on US 220 was our next stop . . . The Berry Patch, Ellerbe, NC. Oh, yes!! This produce stand is fun for the whole family . . . games, rocking chairs, photo stations, and homemade ice cream!! Denise selected peach, and I had my favorite, butter pecan while we relaxed and took it all in. We will be back!!

Interstate 74 from Rockingham to Winston-Salem is good road, but the best was yet to come when we jumped on 421 toward Boone, NC. The mountains in the distance are a welcome site. I was tempted to ride the Blue Ridge Parkway to Linville but chose to continue on into town and pick up Hwy. 105. This route provides a great view of the profile of Grandfather Mountain!

Once again, the journey from Boone to the Tennessee state line is two-lane road through Newland. Nothing needs to be said about entering East TN on US 19 on to Elizabethton! Wow!

Here’s the point of it all . . . plan your vacation to begin and end at home. Make some fun memories. Do something out of the ordinary. Take in the scenery. Don’t be in a hurry. Besides, there’s got to be a Dunkin’ Donuts along way, too!

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