40 Days of Prayer & Fasting: Day #4

40 Days for Web

Focus on God:  Remember

Often the Children of Israel were called to remember the displays of God’s power, holiness, provision and beauty (Deuteronomy 6:20-25; 15:15; 16:3; 24:18).  They were not to forget that He had chosen them to be His special possession, His people; that He done marvelous works on their behalf. Today, as you read Psalm 103 and continue to gaze upon God and His beauty, remind yourself that He has chosen us in Christ to connect us to His beauty.  You may be Joe Smith, plant engineer, living in Jonesborough, TN, married and the father of three children, but what really identifies you is your position in Christ that connects you to the beauty of God!  Therefore, be reminded of such today and let it revive your heart as your again gaze upon your awesome God!

Read:  Psalm 103

Answer the following:

1.  As you gaze upon God in Psalm 103, record in your journal what you are to remember of His beauty and of His works toward you.

2.  As you write in your journal, be reminded that the grace of God connects you to this beauty, and it is your identification.

3.  So far this week, have you been faithful to “behold the beauty of the LORD, and inquire in His temple” (Ps.27: 4)?  What has changed in your life so far this week as you have gazed upon the beauty of God?

4.  Be sure to share with someone today what God has revealed to you about Himself.

Pray: Use Psalm 103 as a prayer guide to praise God for Who He is, as a prayer guide for your fellowship with Him and as a prayer guide for your petitions.

Meditate:  Put into a sentence what God has revealed to you about Himself that you can meditate on today.

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