40 Days of Prayer & Fasting: Day #5


Focus on God:  Speak

Do you talk to yourself?  I’m sure you do.  What you say to yourself is really important.  Why? You listen to yourself more than anyone else. Therefore, you had better speak truth to yourself.  You need to talk to your heart and remind it of God’s beauty (Day 2) that you have gazed upon (Day 3) and remembered (Day 4).  As I have heard Ken Collier at The Wilds say, “You do what you do because you think what you think, and you think what you think because of what you believe about your God.”  And may I add, what you believe comes from what you know about God, and that is in proportion to the time you spend gazing and remembering.

So, what have you been saying/speaking to yourself already this morning?  Truth or humanism?  Have you been Ken Ham or Bill Nye this morning? For today’s reading in Psalm 42, I want you to note how David talked to himself.  Use the questions below as you study this psalm and meet with your God.

If we are to be revived and changed so that we have the courage, conviction and clarity to step forward and to both pray and act as the people of God for the glory of God, we must learn to speak the truth to ourselves (and to others).

Read:  Psalm 42

Answer the following:

1.  What did David say to himself?  Who was on his mind?  When and why did he talk to himself? Make sure you take note to the slight, but very important change of words between verses five and eleven.

2.  Note the honesty of David’s words, but make sure you also note the truth in response.

3.  Make sure you use your journal to record your findings.  You will want to look back over the past days when we get to Day 7.

4.  Be sure to speak the truth to someone today besides yourself.  Tell others how great is our God!

Pray: Use Psalm 42 as a prayer guide to praise God for Who He is, as a prayer guide for your fellowship with Him and as a prayer guide for your petitions.

Meditate:  Put into a sentence what God has revealed to you about Himself that you can meditate on today.

Note:  Usually, my blog is posted Monday-Friday, but for this  40 Days of Prayer and Fasting, I will be posting everyday.  So, be sure to join us tomorrow and Sunday!

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