Rude or Polite Children? It’s the Parent’s Choice

Recently, Denise and I were eating in a local restaurant with an unruly child across the aisle.  The mother was so embarrassed by his antics that she apologized as she was leaving.  I really felt sorry for the mother.

In contrast, I have eaten with folks who have small/grade-school children, and the waitress and/or even folks nearby have stopped to remark about the good behavior displayed by these children.  How refreshing to be seated at the table with them and hear, “May I please have a Coke?” or “May I please have the kids pizza?” Not only is it refreshing to hear such polite communication, but the parents do not talk for their children.  They have spent time training their children how speak up, to be polite, and respectful.  Yes, it takes time, but it glorifies God, builds lives, and leaves a good testimony.

Here is a most helpful blog post entitled Ten Forgotten Ways to Teach Politeness to Your Children that serves up some very practical help.  Read it, put it into practice, and enjoy taking your children out to the restaurant in the future.

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