How To Make Sure Your Marriage is a Delight – Part 3

So far I’ve challenged you to walk and swing together.  Here’s the third one:

Delight #3 – Have An All-Day Fun-day!

You need to plan in your monthly calendar a day for you and your spouse to just have fun!  This can be bi-monthly if need be.  Life today is so hectic, and often that is our fault, but we need time to just have fun all day.  If you can’t have an all-day fun-day, then have at least part of a day.  I promise you, your wife will appreciate knowing she has something to look forward to.  Guys, you plan the day even who takes care of your children.  As a side note, let me be quick to add that every day of your married life needs to have some fun moments inserted into it (i.e. a good laugh, a shared ice cream cone, fun at the grocery store, play a game, talk a walk, swing, prayer together, reading the Word, a wink, several kisses, etc.).  Here are some ideas for an “all-day fun-day”–

  • Take a ride on a bike trail like the Creeper Trail in Damascus, VA.  Be sure to stop along the way and talk. Climb the rocks. Spend time in prayer.  Put your feet in the water.  Have fun!
  • Spend the day at Dollywood.  Ride some rides and cuddle up!  Play a few games.  Attend a show.  Share some ice cream while seated on a picnic bench.  Just stroll through the park.  Take pictures.  Have fun!
  • Ride the Blue Ridge Parkway with the windows down.  Take a blanket so you can stop along the way and stretch out on a grassy meadow area.  There you can talk, kiss, reminisce and eat your picnic lunch.  Perhaps take one of the short hikes.  End up on Mt. Mitchell and enjoy the view while eating supper at the restaurant.  Have fun!
  • Spend the day in Blowing Rock, NC.  Stroll through the stores and be sure to share an ice cream from Kilwin’s.  Sit on a park bench and watch people go by; always entertaining.  For supper, you may want to enjoy a fine meal at Dan’l Boone Inn, Boone, NC.  Another good mountain town to stroll through is Banner Elk, NC.  Have fun!
  • Enjoy the day at home while someone watches your children.  Sleep in if possible and then have breakfast in bed. Spend time in the Word together, and then go to Lowe’s for some flowers to do yard work together.  Be sure to stop in a quaint restaurant for a sandwich or a great dessert.  When the yard work is accomplished, play croquet, corn hole, or some other game.  Whatever you do, just do it together!  Have fun!
  • Have an Alphabet Day!  Do things all day that begin with the next letter of the alphabet.  This will cause you to work together and be creative!  Have fun!!

I’m sure you have other ideas, but the point is; just have an all-day fun-day!  It will have to planned, but will be more than worth it!!

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