Day 17: Possession

4 Moores in a Van

When Jon and I were talking about our word for the day, he mentioned possession. As in, we keep saying “our” Ellie or people tell us they are praying for “your” Ellie, etc. But the truth is…Ellie isn’t my possession. She isn’t Jon’s or any other human being’s possession, either. She is God’s. Even though this stings my heart a little, ultimately I know that it’s true and she couldn’t be cared for by anyone better. I’m also thankful that God gave her to Jon and I to raise for Him.

I remember when we dedicated Ellie at church, and the prayer of our heart has always been for God to do His will in Ellie’s life. We have prayed the same prayer for Brooklynn, too. We are responsible for Ellie, but ultimately she belongs to God. We can’t get mad at Him for taking care of her how He sees fit…

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