Day 16: Sustained

4 Moores in a Van

Our pastor emailed Jon and I this past Saturday and told us he is praying for God’s sustaining grace for us. I’m beginning to learn that God’s sustaining grace is needed to walk the road we are on. We’ve passed our 2-week mark in the hospital, and I honestly can’t decide if it feels like we’ve been here 4 months or 3 days. So much has happened so quickly that it seems impossible we have been here for only 16 days. And yet Jon and I both feel we have aged years in that time.

We’re getting into the routine even though each day is different. We both love our ministry jobs and are finding ways to fit work-related things into the random empty spots in the day. While we are so thankful and love being with family who are making things much, much easier on us, we are…

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