Day 28: Grateful

4 Moores in a Van

IMG_5334 Feasting Time. Steroids = hobbit eating habits. I believe this was Elevensies.

Before any of this leukemia stuff started, Jon and I had decided that we wanted to really work on the area of gratitude with the girls. It’s something we need to cultivate more in our own lives to be honest. One goal in teaching gratitude is to keep the entitlement attitude out. Guess what I was struggling with today………yeah, entitlement.

We found out that our flight isn’t going to work out like we had hoped. The generous philanthropist did what he could to make it happen, but you just can’t overrule insurance. He said his insurance wouldn’t approve flying Ellie back. So immediately, I was thinking God, don’t you realize that Ellie has leukemia? Don’t we deserve to be able to get back easily and stress-free? And then I realized I was feeling a little entitled. I…

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