Day 29: Equipped

4 Moores in a Van

God uses the regular circumstances in life to equip us to help others as well as bring Him glory. Jon and I have been uniquely equipped to encourage other parents who have kids with leukemia. He has also equipped us to give witness of His grace and peace.

A couple days ago, a friend put me in contact with another young mother whose 19-month old son was just diagnosed with leukemia in the last week. As we have talked back and forth, I’m amazed at how alike our situations are. Little Luke has T-Cell ALL (like Ellie) and has just started treatments. Today he had the bone marrow test as well as the lumbar puncture (with chemo) and a PICC line was put into his arm to receive chemo. We’re both part of the C.O.G. so their treatments are identical (except that Ellie is on the trial side for the…

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