Day 32: Discouraged

4 Moores in a Van

Today has been the hardest day since we came to the E.R. the first time. In my mind, it has even rivaled Ellie’s initial diagnosis of leukemia. Last night, we measured Ellie’s temp at 100.5 shortly after bath time. We decided to wait 30 minutes and re-check it to see if it had come down. By that point it was at 101.8 and we called our oncologist knowing he would say to bring her in. By the time we arrived at the E.R. her temp was 104 and she was shaking visibly. Immediately, my mind was a battle field of doubt and questions and Jon and I have both been battling discouragement ever since.

She was admitted after several hours – her fever had come down but her heart rate was soaring between 190-225 the entire time we were in the E.R. They tried pumping her with lots of…

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