Day 35: Waiting

4 Moores in a Van

February 01, 2016 at 0943AM Waiting for surgery this morning. She was such a happy girl even though she couldn’t eat.

Jon and I feel like we have been put into God’s Waiting Room. This is an idea our pastor has spoken of often in the past. We can read lots of verses in the Bible that talk about how trials produce patience. In my experience, patience isn’t something that’s produced when things are moving quickly. Patience comes when we have to wait.

Our church is currently going through a time of waiting, and our pastor sent out an update to missionaries recently that was encouraging us when we have to wait. He used the example of Lazarus. I’m just going to share an excerpt of his email with you.

John 11 has been a delightful text of instruction for me during these last few months. Lazarus became gravely ill; but Christ intentionally delayed his…

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