Day 34: Certain

4 Moores in a Van

We are beginning to learn that this cancer ride is full of uncertainties and can be a constant roller coaster. We feel like this weekend has been one of ups and downs. When we face all these ups and downs, it’s so refreshing to know that something is always certain.

God loves our entire family! We know that’s God’s character doesn’t change. His character is certain. Sometimes the simplest truths are the ones that can bring the most hope when everything else seems like it might be falling apart.

Here are a couple verses that talk about God’s character:

Know therefore that the Lord thy God, he is God, the faithful God, which keepeth covenant and mercy with them that love him and keep his commandments to a thousand generations;
Deuteronomy 7:9

God is love.
1 John 4:8

There are a lot more verses about God’s character! I spent…

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