Day 43: Knowledge

4 Moores in a Van

February 09, 2016 at 0605PMKnowledge
We sure are learning a lot about leukemia! We know 100% more about leukemia than we did 2 months ago. I know that we still have more to learn, but we are gaining knowledge every day.

When I think about knowledge, I always think about our pastor’s definition of knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge is knowing in your head the information about something, wisdom comes from experience. He always uses the example of a hot stove burner. You can have knowledge that it is hot and will hurt you, but having wisdom about the hot stove burner will guide your actions more.

Wisdom can often come after pain. We are gaining wisdom in a lot of different areas, and we feel that God is giving us this wisdom to help others in the future.

  • We are gaining wisdom about having a child with a serious, long-lasting illness.
  • We are gaining wisdom about…

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