Day 44: Jealousy

4 Moores in a Van

I’ve been trying to figure out how to write this post for a few weeks. In the beginning of all this, I kept mentioning friends, one specifically, who had gone through some hard times last year involving their kids. The testimony of Jon and Stephanie Bladine through that time was unbelievable to me. I could hear them speak God’s truth to each other and to others looking into their situation. I was watching God’s grace at work during a very hard time. I remember very clearly talking with a friend and expressing my desire to experience God’s grace like that. [I was also very quick to state that I never wished to go through anything like what they were going through.] I was a little jealous (maybe not the right word?) of the way God was holding Jon and Stephanie together. As I look back now, I can’t help but…

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