I’m Still Learning


Well, the School of Running continues to be a good teacher.  Check out the June 2nd post, In the School of Running

Lesson:  You are greatly influenced by the people you run with.

Monday morning, I passed a guy running in the opposite direction that is new to our “neck of the woods.”  We have spoken to each other before, but that all changed.  As we passed, I asked him how many miles he ran each day.  With that, he turned and started running beside me.  As we ran and chatted, I found out he has run eight minute miles and even faster. I also found out real quick that his pace and mind don’t match.  After all, he is approximately 25 years my junior. But I was determined to keep up with him, and I did for a mile or more before he went his own way.  (Boy, was I glad!)

As he headed on his way home, and I continued my solo jaunt to the house in the opposite direction, I was struck by how a better runner had so quickly influenced me.  That leads me to ask, what kind of people do you “run” with?  Who has the greatest influence on your life?  Do you like to be with folks that challenge you, ask you the hard questions, hold you accountable, help you grow in the faith, lead you to raise the bar in your relationship with Christ, and enjoy life in Christ?  Or, do you gravitate toward people who are lazy, critical, selfish, backslidden, complaining, downcast, minimal in their walk with Christ, and/or make you feel comfortable in your current state?

Here’s a good verse that speaks to this lesson: Those who fear You will be glad when they see me, because I have hoped in Your word (Psalm 119:74).  Are people glad to see you coming because they know you are a person who loves, learns, and lives the Word of God?  They know you will biblically love them, be an encouraging exhorter to press on for Christ, and be willing to give you godly counsel? Proverbs 27:17 reminds us, As iron sharpens iron, So a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.

Consider who you “run” with.  What kind of influence do they have on you?  Are you all running toward Christ or away from Him?

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