A Fit Marriage



For several years, my wife and I have been out “hitting the pavement” in the morning.  She walks, and I run, and in all kinds of weather and places.  Oh, how we enjoy getting up early at the beach on vacation and exercising toward the sunrise! We also thoroughly enjoy our country roads and the quiet around our home in East Tennessee.  Indeed we are grateful for our health and ability to get up and exercise in the mornings.

As I said, my wife walks for exercise.  Now, she may be petite but she can “pick’em up and put’em down” when it comes to power walking.  Furthermore, she does not like to run.  I repeat, she does not enjoy running.  Well, what has she done the past two days?  She has run some.  It’s only in short segments, but she is running!  Why?  Because she has heard me say, “I wish you liked to run so we could do this together.”  Folks, this is the kind of stuff that makes a marriage run on premium fuel and stay fit!  When you know your spouse likes something and it’s not something you necessarily care for, but because of your love for him/her, you just try it anyway!  There is no one I’d rather exercise with than my wife. As a matter of fact, she is the one that I love doing anything with more than anyone else!  So, when she ran alongside me yesterday morning, that was way cool!!  I even cut back a few times so we could run together.

Couples, how about working at your marriage by doing something with your spouse that may not be your “cup of tea,” but just because you love each other, you have at it! It will make a rich deposit in your marriage bank account, and you’ll be more fit because of it!!

3 thoughts on “A Fit Marriage

  1. Good morning Pastor C. Your message was right on the money this week, John and I were just discussing this cry issue last evening and I was explaining to him that, this is the very reason my mom does some of the things with my step dad, that I know she doesn’t really enjoy, but he does and that’s why I go to tractor drives and shows with him, even though I’m not really into that kind of stuff. When you love someone and want to make them happy you just do it, to see the smile on their faces. Thanks for the confirmation were on the right track in our marriage. Miss you guys bunches.

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