What Have You Done With Your Bible?


This is a question I have been asking my church family and others for the past several weeks.  Usually I add “since last Sunday” or “since last Wednesday,” or “in the past seven days” to the end of the question.

Our daily life in thought, word, and action is a total reflection of our attitude and heart toward the Word of God.

Do you read the Word with all your heart?

Do you long to hold God’s Word in your hands and let its truths sink into your heart?

Do you love to hear the Word of God preached?

Are you memorizing the Word of God?

Do you meditate on the Word of God?

Do you pray the Word of God?

Do you seek the Word for wisdom and answers?

Do you speak the Word of God to others?

As a parent, do you counsel, correct, and challenge your children with the Word of God?

As you read the Word, do you let the Bible read you?

May I challenge you, whether you esteem the Word very highly or you use it once-in-awhile, read one eight verse stanza of Psalm 119 for the next 22 days.  Pray those eight verses in each stanza. Meditate each day on those verses.  Pull that section up on your smartphone and go over it throughout the day. Ask God to make His Word precious to you, to have the same attitude toward the Word as the psalmist.

Take the 22/119 Psalm challenge.

I promise you that what you do with your Bible will change as it changes you each day!

Turn my eyes from looking at worthless things; and give me life in your ways. (Psalm 119:37)

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